Dress Up Your Wood Fence with Gate Inserts

This simple aluminum insert makes this gate stand beautifully.

Wood fences are often built for privacy.  But the tall, bare face of a wooden fence can be fairly uninspiring and many homeowners are looking for something to dress it up.  Set your property above the rest of the neighbourhood with gate inserts and other fence accessories.

Gate inserts are economical, fit easily into your wooden gate and come in a variety of styles and sizes.  They give the appearance of a window in the wood and have intricate, artful designs throughout.

Generally made of cast aluminum, these enhancements look great from both sides of the gate.  Some styles are manufactured with an aluminum frame around the design.  Fence boards in the gate simply fit into and around that frame.  Other styles need a wood frame incorporated into the fence; the insert will be held within that.

Gate inserts come in an oval shape, as well as circular, rectangular and square (which can also be adjusted to a diamond).  You can install just one small piece for a subtle look or combine a row of them.  There are also larger inserts that cover a good portion of the gate.

Install this product within fence sections for a decorative touch anywhere.

Other accents and accessories include things like ornamental post caps in aluminum and copper.  Nuvo Iron in Bolton, Ontario also carries Iron-Lattice, a wood fence topper that lends elegance and an old world charm.

Ask your local fencing contractor what types of wood fence accessories they carry and dress up your yard.

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